Wednesday, November 18, 2015

One Tribe y'all

One Tribe y’all

The Black Eyed Peas got it right.
"One tribe y'all
We are one people
Let's catch amnesia, forget about all that evil...

Forget about all that evil, that evil that they feed ya
Let's catch amnesia, forget about all that evil
That evil that they feed ya
Remember that we're one people"

My heart hurts. I’m sad not only for what happened in France, but even sadder at the hatred that has spread through our lives because of it.

I’m speaking specifically of the constant, hateful, comments and attitudes towards refugees from Syria. One of the terrorists involved in the horrific bombings in France has been labeled as “a refugee from Syria” and suddenly ALL refugees from Syria are out to kill us. So many people are commenting, out of fear I assume, that none of the refugees should be allowed in the US. “SAVE our LIVES by not letting the terrorist in!” Really? That’s what you get out of seeing the images of thousands, THOUSANDS of people being forced to leave everything behind to save their lives. 

Stop to think for a minute. 

Look around you. See everything you have. 

Your pretty phone, your Starbucks coffee, the fact you’re typing on a computer, with electricity. The fact you can go to your sink at any moment and get water. Or go to your fridge and get something to eat. OR, drive a bit to buy something to eat with money you got out of a bank.  

Think about your family. The family members who are going to sit at your table for Thanksgiving. You remember Thanksgiving? The day we all give thanks for what we have.

Now think about all of that being obliterated.

No food. No water. Nothing. You have to leave it all behind with just the clothing on your back. Your destination? Unknown. You have to walk for miles and miles and hope that whatever country will let you in. 

Oh and one more think, that family that was at your table, you now have no idea where any of them are or if they’re alive. Take a moment. I’ll wait. Think about that. 


My heart just aches when I think about the hatred I see being spread on social media. People I love and respect actually posting to “Stop all aid to Islamic countries. Let them hate us for free.” Wow. Just wow. So every single person who practices the Islamic religion (which is ironically a very peaceful religion) are now evil and should be shunned. What if I converted to Islam? Would you shun me? 

Or my favorite are my “Christian” friends – and I will say this has been more than I expected – these same people who scream from the roof top “GOD IS LOVE” and then turn around and hate on people who are “Islamic” or “refugee”. How can you say you practice a faith of love, follow a God who is love, and tell the world that you accept all, and then turn around and not accept? Worse – judge so incorrectly. Has fear really gripped your heart so much that you can’t see that you are exactly like them in so many ways? 

What? Did I just say you’re exactly like them?

Yes. We are all human beings. Some of us hate. Some of us are evil. Some of us do horrific things in the name of religion (funny how so many “religious” people forget about the Crusades. You remember? Catholics going into other countries and terrorizing their people. Yah – about that…) Some of are homeless. Some of us drive fancy cars. Some of us are fat, skinny, ugly, beautiful…whatever the label. We are all humans. We are all trying to figure out how to get along. The more YOU…yes YOU – send hate into the world, you are not helping anything. You are part of the problem. 

Stop blaming a President. Stop blaming a religion. Start looking at your heart. At your soul…and as stupid as it sounds – especially coming from someone who doesn’t practice a specific religion anymore – think about “What would Jesus do?”

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

42... or 26

This little game is going around FB and I figured, why not make it a blog post. Since clearly actually posting about the going's on's in my life isn't what's happening...

Twenty-six about me...cuz I know you're dying to know.

A- Age: 46 and three quarters
B- Biggest fear: BEES
C- Current time: 7:45AM
D- Drink you last had: Venti Vanilla Americano...and still enjoying it
E- Every day starts with: Moving the cats to get out of bed
F- Favorite song: Fight Song - Rachel Platten
G- Ghosts, are they real?: Yep - even seen one
H- Hometown: Don't really have one...Moved around too much - but if I had to pick - I'd pick Seattle
I- In love with: Myself...hahahaha
J- Jealous of: Healthy, skinny people who don't have to work hard at it
K- Killed someone?: Not yet
L- Last time you cried?: Stupid Ellen show from last week
M- Middle name: Joy - cuz I'm such a Joy to be around
N- Number of siblings: 5 - sorta...
O- One wish: Health and happiness for all
P- Person you last called: My mom - dah.
Q- Question you're always asked: Are you dating?
R- Reason to smile: Today's my 1 year anniversary at work, and it's BONUS $$ day
S- Song last sang: Living on a Prayer - Bon Jovi
T- Time you woke up: 6:30am
U- Underwear color: Black
V- Vacation destination: Spain
W- Worst habit: Judging
Y- Your favorite food: Italian
X- X-Rays you've had: lungs
Z- Zodiac sign: Capricorn! The best sign.

In other news, today is my one year anniversary at MP. I wish I had written my future self a letter one year ago. I'm sure I wouldn't have imagined I'd be as happy as I am right now. That person probably thought she'd stick around for a year and then move on. That person hadn't ever experienced quite the joy of working for a manager who has your back and you know exactly where you stand with. That person wouldn't have imagined this person imagining a career here. Or planning for the next year's challenges. That person was slightly broken by a string of jobs that meant nothing. That person wouldn't have smiled all the way into work because she was going to work.

I'm glad I'm not that person any more.