Saturday, September 30, 2017

Week One is in the bag

Week one of my new journey is in the bag. And I feel great. I'm very aware that the first weeks comes with a motivation that can be challenging to carry with you.  My consultant told me I had an EXCEPTIONAL week and she was right.

I am down 4.8 lbs for the week. But beyond the lbs lost is how good I felt last week.

It was Tuesday when I realized as I was closing my eyes that I felt good. Inside. I felt like my brain was more clear and that I just felt better.

It was Thursday when I realized I hadn't had a tums all week. There must be something to this eating healthy thing. :-)

By Friday I realized two things:
1. I was going to be bored of fruit pretty quickly and needed something else to do about he 5 servings of fruit a day.
2. I had done the whole week! And without very much effort.

As is the case for me, and I know this from years of experience, that planning is the key for me. So planning I will do.

My goal for this next week is to stay the course. I'm less concerned by the # of lbs lost and more interested in how good I felt. My brain was functioning again.

What also made me smile this last week was the amount of support I am getting from all directions. Friends and family have watched me flounder, be successful, flounder some more. And through it all they had my back. I am loved.

My other big thing I did last week is I set a boundary at work. Setting boundaries is easy for me. Simple really. Keeping them is the hard part. I had been clocking over 55 hours of work a week for weeks, months really. I'm done with that. Part of "fixing" the burnt out-ness is setting boundaries. So last week my boundary was the computer is shut at 7pm. It worked well because that's when I scheduled to go to the gym. But by and large, that was all I was going to give.  IF I wasn't in meetings all day I could think about leaving my computer AT work. But since I am in meetings all day and still have to service my clients, there is a need to work in the evenings.

I also started giving due dates to my clients farther out than I normally do. Instead of, "Sure I can have that to you by tomorrow". It's been, "Sure I can do that. I'll have it to you in 5 days." Most people didn't complain at all. And it set me up to not be so frantic every night. Win!

This next week, I'm sure, will have some issue crop up that will try to sideline me. And if it does, I'll find a way to deal with it. But, with the plan I may not need to "deal" with anything.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Off I go...

If you're reading this, then you've likely been reading my blog for some time and/or you know me pretty well and therefore you know my struggle with weight. A lot has happened over the last several years that just made me not care anymore. Turns out … I have all the symptoms of someone who’s burned out. One of the symptoms is no real care for one’s self. And I am testament for that one symptom.

Recently a friend shared with me an article about being burned out. I read it with a half eye thinking, "I'm not burned out. Surely I would know..." Yah,'s great. 

Emotional exhaustion is one of the symptoms and it's friends fatigue, insomnia, forgetfulness, impaired concentration and attention ride along as shot gun.  This entire gang has been hanging with me and I didn't even notice. 

Fatigue explains my lack of energy to do anything. Being physically and emotionally exhausted, drained and depleted are all cousins to this. And all things I've been feeling. 

Insomnia hasn't been huge, but I do have trouble staying asleep several times a week. 

Forgetfulness / impaired concentration and attention. Hi! The story of my life. I've been joking with people at work about my memory and never considered that it was from being burned out. 

The other items on the list that I have felt and "enjoyed" over the last year. Loss of enjoyment, pessimism, isolation and detachment.

Huh. Check. Check. Check and Check. 

Loss of enjoyment is a big one for me, along with isolation. Things I used to love doing, I no longer wanted to do. And I would prefer to spend time by myself because I'm so tired of people and thinking. Consequently, I've managed to push people out. And people who know me are probably thinking this didn't sound like me. What they didn't know is even though I was going out with them, the entire time all I wanted to do was be at home...alone.

Now that I know what's going on with me...I've made some decisions to fix myself. It’s taken me since Ireland to really wrap my head around what I want to do with myself. And fully understanding what I NEED to do with myself.

Today I took that step. It likely isn’t the step any of you would take, but it’s one that has worked for me in the past and one that I need to do to get a kick start in eating healthy.

My goal…to not be the weakest link/slowest person in Scotland. I want to not miss anything. I want to take that extra walk around the block to see another cathedral.

What that means to me in # of lbs lost, I have no idea. I’m not interested in putting in a number…yet. I’m interested in health. But, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I am planning on 20 -30 lbs by December. Most likely closer to 20, but why not stretch myself? I’d like to be 40 down by Scotland. 1-2 lbs a week is 32 by Dec 31st.

I’m tell you all because you are the ones who know me the best and who are my most vocal cheerleaders. So here we go. 36 weeks to Scotland…

Sunday, September 17, 2017

2017 Seattle 3Day...sorta

For almost 10 years we've been participating in the 3Day in some way. From 2007 when BigBro walked it solo, to 2008 when Blueberry and I laced up our shoes to walk. To all the years after that I spent a small fortune on decorations for the car. It's been fun. And each year we plan and look forward to this event.

Last year, because of crazy medical things, our team ended up not walking. Blueberry and I stalked the Seattle walkers. I determined it was just not the same when a family member wasn't walking. There's something about searching our YOUR walker that made it fun.

This year non of the Wraspir's were walking Seattle. Ugh.

That coupled with the fact that the 3Day, on a whole, has gone down hill. It's become a business instead of the "family" feeling it was when we started. The leadership of the 3Day hasn't done it any favors either. They've "tried" so many things to get walkers out there, but none seem to be working. In 2008 there was over 3700 walkers. There were 450 this weekend.

Still, I went out yesterday and spent the morning with our favorite stalkers, the Lil' Smokies.

I brought out the flamingo costume this year. It was just cool enough

The Princesses and one Pilot joined us.

Seattle Police were out on the route again this year.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

What a Weekend

Snap! The weekend is over just like that. Yesterday I spent the majority of the day working. I got caught up ... mostly. There are still a few things I need to take care of and am spending the morning today doing that.

Later in the evening, we all met at the Keg for Janet's birthday dinner. We've been doing this birthday thing at the keg for YEARS. The birthday person gets a free dinner, and the rest of us get to spend the evening chatting.

Tonight is Sunday dinner. I'm doing a Low Country Boil. I saw this on The Kitchen several weeks ago and thought it'd be a blast. Tonight I have 15 people coming to dinner. FIFTEEN! I love these big dinners. It reminds me of family times growing up. There was never a quite weekend evening at our house. We were either hosting a dinner or going to someone's for dinner.

I've still been doing these Lists for 30 days. I'm a day or two behind, but here's the most recent ones.

Sept 3 - Favorite Treats to Have on Hand
1. Popcorn
2. Reese's Pieces
3. Chips. Love my chips
4. Coffee, ice tea
5. A Good Book
Funny how there's nothing healthy on that list...

Sept 4 - I Feel My Best When...
1. I'm around family
2. I'm scrapbooking / being creative
3. I'm cooking
4. I'm alone with my thoughts

Sept 5 - My Excuses for Being Late...
1. I'm never late...

Sept 6 - Please Don't Ask Me To...
1. Eat Bell Peppers
2. Clean up vomit
3. Stay put when a bee's around

Sept 7 - My Go To Outfits...
1. I don't have any

Sept 8 - Books To Read Over and Over Again...
1. Don Quixote
2. GlobeTrotter
3. Wuthering Heights

Sept 9 - Newest Additions to my Home...
1. Mom and Dad's Camel Stool
2. Mom and Dad's Iranian rugs

Sept 10 - Ways to Disconnect...
1. this is a list that is foreign to me...

Saturday, September 02, 2017

Day 1 and Day 2 of Lists

This list thing is a bit different than I originally though. I was excited to see the list of lists I'm going to make this month, but didn't realize the ladies in this group were going to take it to the whole next level and SCRAP each list each day. They make their lists all fancy and what not.

I did not for my first list. I literally just wrote it down in my Bullet Journal. The Bullet Journal I started this year with making it so pretty. Drawing things. Making lists to check things off over the year (like the books I was going to read, or the new things I was going to try). Then Mom happened and I lost all desire to do anything creative.

For a long time....

Suddenly in June, around her 6 month mark, I was ready to start being more crafty than ever. A switch was flipped in me. I missed being crafty and I was sure that by not doing it I was making myself not happy. So I started scrapping again.

I have this crazy goal to use up my entire scrapbook stash. If you've ever seen my room, then you know that's the funniest thing you've ever heard.

In August, I made a goal to do one scrappy thing every day in my room.  It could be as simple as rearranging my Thickers. Or it could be scrapping an entire page. I didn't get to it every day, but I'm proud to say I got the majority.

Now back to the list thing. I doubt I'll get as creative as these ladies, but I like the idea of making a list.

Day 1 Theme: But First...
1. Kitty snuggles
2. Coffee
3. Get to work
4. Emails, meetings and such
5. Lather - Rinse - Repeat

When I first jotted down this list I put coffee first, then realized that no kitty snuggles always come first. Firs thing in the morning, they aren't really awake yet, so I can grab them and snuggle them. To say they hate that is putting it mildly. EVERY MORNING, I grab one. Hug it close to my chest and say, "I'm going to love and squeeze you and call you George". It's a line from a Bugs Bunny cartoon that I'm sure I have all wrong.

Day 2 Theme:  I'm Excited For...
1. Scrapping all day with Janet
2. Morning coffee with a good book
3. Fall's coming
4. Change that's coming
5. The Carnitas in the crock pot

This one I decorated slightly...but still not at all like the rest of the group is doing. Except this one lady...she is quite literally putting her list on sticky notes every day. And I love the simplicity of that.