Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A litte bit of this and a little bit of that...

First let's get the tough part out of the way.

Today is BigBro's birthday - or would be if he was still with us.  I miss that guy with every fiber of my being.  I didn't really understand grief like this. When the DadUnit died, I hurt. I miss him too. But that was "an expected" death. The DadUnit had lived his life, fully and lovingly. Doing all the things he could and wanted.

BigBro got jipped. As did we all. And as I sit here today and think about it being his birthday, it hurts. All the things I won't get to celebrate with him. All the things he won't get to do for his daughters. All the places he and Seattle SIL won't get to experience. It just kills me and breaks my heart.

I do know with great certainty that wherever he is he's totally rolling his eyes over the emotional fuss we all make over him.

So BigBro, wherever you are...I send you a happy birthday and I miss you bro.

In happier news, this past weekend was my annual pumpkin carving party.  It was THE biggest Sunday dinner I've had to date.  Generally speaking 14 is the max my place really allows for comfortably.  And even then, it's tight.  We had 15 this year.

Some attendees didn't follow the rules and didn't bring a pumpkin. Those attendees have been put on warning and depending on my mood (or more likely my memory) may or may not be invited back next year.

You see what I see right? 6 carved pumpkins for 15 people!

This year we had prizes. Sorta. I got ribbons for the top 3 pumpkins. I have some pretty creative friends and so the competition was tight. We did the "hold the pumpkin up and everyone cheer" to determine who won. Turns out my friends suck at that because they cheered for each one with the same energy.
Alas, we had three winners...

In first place was...oh no I need a nickname for  now we'll call him Mr. D.  He carved a beautiful deer with antlers.  I think he was also the last one done.

In second place we have the crab hat.  Mrs. Braspir did an excellent job carving the crab. And she gets extra credit for carving into her finger too.

In third place we had PhotoGirl with, I think, a skeleton or was it a cat...I can't remember and the photo isn't helping.

At the end of the night we had a great time. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves, as if I'd expect anything else from this crowd.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

I'm not afraid that things won't get better, but it feels like this has gone on forever...

How about a little Toad the Wet Sprocket this morning for your "stuck-in-your-noggin" song? No? Well it's stuck in mine.

Specifically that line in the song. See it's been 4 weeks (well I think this is the 5th week) of being hypnotized and I can say with certainty that it's changing something. More on that later.

This last Tuesday I met to have a new personal session recorded.  When I signed up for this I was told that your personal sessions are - wait for it - personalized. Meaning you can provide them things you'd like to work on. So I had myself a list of three things that I wanted added into my monthly session.

In no particular order they were:
1. Amp up the work out message
2. I'd like to stop thinking about food all the time (as in when I'm having breakfast I'm thinking about lunch and whether I'll have anything to eat. Strange fear of no food that has bubbled to the surface for me to work on).
3. Work on the emotional reasons I eat

They seem quite lofty and I was prepared for perhaps one or two to be included.

Instead, I got a woman who's voice grates on my last nerve. Ever known those people who's voice just sets you off? And while we had a conversation for about 15 minutes about how it was going and what I wanted included, NONE of it was included. Instead she literally read a script with this nagging, annoying voice.  And by read it I mean read it in a monotone, not very relaxing voice. In fact, I didn't even go under. Instead I found myself focusing on her voice and I ended up with a headache.

Yet, I decided to give it a try. And now having listened to it 3 times and not going under once, I'm making a call for a new recording.  I paid too much for this to NOT have a month of a useful recording.

In the meantime, I did also purchase an extra "recording" on a topic that I felt was appropriate. It's called "Keys to Speed Up Weight Loss". It has three keys...ready for them. They are mind blowing...

1. Eat healthy
2. Exercise
3. Portion Control

I know!! Your mind is blown!

The first time I listened to it, I did go under, and woke when they said "wake" and then they reiterated the three keys and I just giggled to myself.  Dah!

What I do know is working, however, is that I'm making healthier choices without much thought.  For example, my decision at Tin Lilly's to have grilled chicken and veggies instead of a starch.  I've also offered up to split meals with people - which I never do.

So do I think it's working? Yes.  And I am going to just keep going with it and try my very hardest to not over analyze it.  The fear I had of failure when this whole thing started is slowly being put aside and/or dealt with. 

I'm not afraid that things won't get better, they already have. And yes, this will go on forever, but I intend on it getting easier, not harder.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lake Chelan, Cruishing grapes and other stuff

This past weekend was the annual hunting wives get away.  You may recall that I don't have a husband and are therefore wondering how I am part of a "hunting wives" adventure. It's really quite simple.  I came as a packaged deal when the MomUnit (who was a hunting wife) invited me to join this illustrious group. And so now, this "hunting wives" are really known more for them being Crabs and I'm a major player in the little band of crabs. Seattle SIL, the MomUnit, Mrs. Braspir and Blueberry make up the rest of the Crabs.

This weekend, however, it was just Mrs. Braspir and Seattle SIL that joined me for our girls weekend get away.  In past years we've gone to San Francisco and San Diego. This year we kept it close to home and headed to Lake Chelan.
The Crabs hit Chelan
Lake Chelan is a small resort town east of the mountains from Seattle. Lake Chelan itself is a narrow, but deep lake (about 1400 feet deep). It's 50.5 miles long and is the longest natural lake in Washington.  It's a beautiful area to me. Not quite the desert, scab lands of Eastern Washington and not quite the evergreen, woody area of Western Washington.

Lake Chelan - I think looking North
View of the lake from our hotel
Our plan for this weekend was wine tasting. It was Crush weekend (as one not so friendly restaurant owner pointed out to us when we inquired about reservations) which meant all the wineries would be open for tasting. And who doesn't like to taste wine?

We tasted at 6 wineries on Saturday. Caideras Winery, Lake Chelan Winery, Winegirl Wines, Four Lakes Winery, Tildio Winery (of which I called Dildo winery), and ending at Tsillan Cellars Winery. Of the wineries, Lake Chelan was my favorite. I bought two bottles of wine there which were fewer than I expected to buy.

Caideras was a nice little shop with a very friendly wine steward there. She chit chatted with us the entire time we tasted. Their wine was good, but nothing I felt I had to own.

Caideras Winery

Abby the Crab wants a taste
At Lake Chelan Winery not only did we have exceptional service but they were crushing grapes out in their vineyard and who doesn't want to crush grapes with their bare feet. So off we went. They were having a grape crushing competition - which I didn't want to participate in - but I did want to stick my feet into a barrel of grapes. So I asked if I could between competitions, and sure enough. I stuck my feet in. Gross is what I'd call it. But I can check this off my bucket list...even though it didn't actually exist on the bucket list.

Lake Chelan Winery - my favorite stop
These grapes were made for stompin'...
And that's just what I did...

Their grapes had crabs
After that we stopped at Winegirl Wines. This little place was COVERED in fruit flies.  I do realize that with wine, there's fruit, and with fruit there are fruit flies...but my goodness there were a ton of fruit flies. I mean when the wine pourer gives you a coaster type thing to put over your glass so flies don't get in it...there's a problem.  To top that off, I wasn't a fan of any of their wines. Interesting side note however...the owner used to be a Rat City Roller Derby girl and so the wine labels reflected that.

From there we had lunch. We figured we'd better get something in our stomachs before we were blotto! We ate at a delicious restaurant called Blueberry Hills (click that link for a virtual tour of the restaurant). The food was fantastic and the portions HUGE. Soooo glad I shared a French Dip Sammy with Mrs. Braspir. I swear they used an entire loaf of French bread for this sammy.

Stuffed and happy we headed up to Four Lakes Winery. The son of a friend of BigBro's owns this winery.  So naturally we had to stop by. I wasn't impressed with their wines either. And since all of the wines were sold out I didn't have an opportunity to buy any.

View from Four Lakes winery
Back down the hill into Chelan we stopped at Tsildio winery...which I kept calling Dildo winery...I'm sure they would not have been impressed with my name. I couldn't help it. For some reason their name reminded me of that. Their wines were good and I was tempted to purchase a bottle of one of them until I realized it was $34. Well over my price per bottle level.

Our last winery was Tsillan Cellars. Beautiful, big Italian style villa. Packed with wine tasters and thus made getting our next taste challenging.  They had some good wine though. Mrs. Braspir bought a bottle there I believe. And I almost did. But I opted to not and just stay with the two bottles I had already purchased.

All in all we had a blast tasting wine. But by the time we were at Tsillan Cellars we were done. We dined on Mexican food that night and I might add it was delicious!

The trip was a great one and while we missed having the other two crabs there (the MomUnit and Blueberry) we managed to have a good time on our own. We created some great "you had to be there" moments that made us laugh and laugh and laugh.  I do love these women and find myself thankful to have them in my life.

Looks like those apples have worms...

On a "change in my lifestyle" note - I was proud of myself the first night we were in town. We stopped to have dinner at a place called Tin Lily's - delicious food. And the type of place I'd normally make a bad food choice.  This time, however, I had a chicken breast (grilled) with a side of grilled veggies. Swapped our the starch they offered for more grilled veggies.  Seattle SIL just stared at me and kept saying, "Who are you?" I'm hoping that soon no one recognizes me.  Other food choices throughout the weekend I was proud of - not great choices, but still I shared most my meals with someone whereas I might have normally eaten (ate) the whole thing.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Quantum Fusion

A scientist I am not. In fact, science in school was one of my least favorite subjects. And yet, science fascinates me. Interest in something is very different than being good at something. I leave the "being good at" to the scientists of the world.

Yesterday was my weekly appointment at PC for my weekly acceleration classes. Essentially two hypnosis sessions - 30 minutes each, and a video of some useful piece of information. Yesterday's hypnosis session - at least one of them - focused on the "embarrassment of being overweight" and how to no be anymore.  An interesting topic that triggered some thoughts in my mind that I'm still mulling over and they may, or may not, end up on this blog.

The video and second hypnosis session are the one's I want to discuss today.

Have I mentioned that this reprogramming of my mind fascinates me? Hypnosis is quite interesting, and it seems to be working since I'm down 9  lbs.

Yesterday's topic was on Quantum Fusion Technique. I've experienced this already in my daily AM recording they have you listen to for the first month (in addition to the personal recording) but didn't really understand what it is.

What it boils down to is this: The Quantum Fusion Technique is for the person who says, "I really want to change, but there is a part of me that just won't allow it to happen." Basically this technique let's you acknowledge this part that seems to be holding on to your past behaviors and attitudes. Once you acknowledge that, it can then be fused with the part that strongly wants the change to occur.

So it's your future self telling your past self that "right I hear ya but we aren't working that way anymore. Let's try this new way." The idea being the two have to coexist together eventually.  Both parts are positive, or at least have positive intentions. When they are brought together, they are more powerful than standing alone.

That sounds like a lot of ju-ju to me. Yet at the same time it makes sense.  I mean think of the 12-step programs you've heard of. They always say you have to admit you have a problem before you can move on. Your past self has played a significant role in who you currently are. I can't imagine abandoning that.  I need to remember my past self so I can make sure my future self (and present self) are as strong as they can be.

Other strange things that are happening:

In my previous life this was the conversation I'd have with myself.

Me: I think I might be hungry.
My subconscious: "There are pretzels in the'd better eat them now or they'll go away and you'll be hungry."
Me: You're right. I'd better eat them now in case I get hungry later.

Versus this conversation I seem to now be having:

Me: I know there are pretzels in the drawer.
My subconscious: "yah, so? There are pretzels in the drawer. They'll be there when/if you're hungry."
Me: good point

Monday, October 06, 2014

Tick Tock – You are Getting Sleepy

I’ve started and stopped this blog a number of times. One the one hand I want to share with you all what’s going on in my life and some rather dramatic decisions I’ve made. While on the other hand, I’ve got concerns how it’ll be taken.

I’ve “tested” telling people this new thing I’m doing and so far it’s been received with much enthusiasm. Only one friend rolling their eyes, and I didn’t bother asking why.
If you know me at all, you know I’ve battled for my lifetime with being overweight. You’ve been with me when I was on Jenny Craig and lost 30 lbs. You cheered me on when I joined Weight Watchers and lost like 2 lbs.  Yet nothing sticks. I never seem to really change my eating habits nor my working out habits. I never full learn that healthy lifestyle plan.
I’ve done a lot of soul searching to try to determine why it is that I just can’t make a clean break from all things bad from me. I know I’m not alone here, but good heavens it shouldn’t be this hard.
I hit a rock bottom (I say “a” rock bottom because I suspect there will be more of them in my future) one night a couple of weeks ago. I sat on the couch feeling less than happy and all I wanted to do was walk away from my life. It seemed like nothing made me feel happy anymore. And this feeling washed over me that I can’t really explain. I’ve never considered myself a depressed person nor someone who could become depressed. And yet I suddenly realized that my life wasn’t exactly on the “happy” track and I needed to do something. And that’s when it happened…a commercial came on TV.
I’ve seen the commercial a thousand times but it never really spoke to me like it did that dark night. The next morning I made a phone call.
See here’s the thing, while the doctor’s haven’t said it yet, I’m petrified of becoming diabetic.  I watched the DadUnit take daily injections all the while thinking he made poor choices and got himself here.  Hello Pot? This is the kettle. You’re black!
I want to be healthy.
I want to be “skinnier”.
I want to be happier.
I want to make the right choices for me in all areas of my life.
I want to lose weight.
And so the phone on the other end rang. A voice answered and I almost began to sob then. I made an appointment and hung up. As I turned off the phone I thought, “You’ve just made a major change in your life.”
Three days later I parked outside Positive Changes Hypnosis Center.
Yes, hypnosis.
I’ve been hypnotized before about 10+ years ago. Turns out I’m extremely susceptible to it. Back then I did a 30 minute session each week with the focus on not eating French fries (didn’t for 4 weeks straight), working out every day (worked out for 20 days straight) and wanted to drink more water (floated to and from work). Then I couldn’t afford it and had to stop.
My first meeting at PC was with Amanda. She’s what I call the “Opener”. Her job is to get you in the door, ask some incredibly difficult questions and then take your credit card. I don’t think Amanda was prepared for the sobbing mess she’d have in her office that day.
She was so gentle and understanding and I wanted to talk with her for hours. The questions she asked me are all questions that fat people know the answers to but don’t dare answer them out loud. Answering them makes it real. And I know I’m the mistress of denial when it comes to this. In my mind, I’m a size 10.
Amanda pressed on and asked me a bunch of questions that got me smiling and crying. Using humor as my defense, she saw right through that and kept asking more. Finally  she explained the program and I signed up.
I left there with hope. I just knew I had taken a brave step and it felt like the right step. I had an appointment for my first session and I was ready to conquer the world.
The day of the first session came. I specifically made an early appointment because I didn’t want to talk myself out of it over the course of the day. I met with Christopher and he would be my hypnotist for the day.
The first 30 minutes were of him asking me many of the same questions Amanda did but with one small difference to my answers.
Amanda had asked me what my goal was with regards to coming to PC. I answered, “To be healthy and to lose weight.” Dah. Christopher asked me the same exact question and I answered, “To be skinny.”
Odd response since I never EVER use that word. 
He pressed with another question asking me to elaborate.
My response came from the depths of my soul and had, apparently, been hiding somewhere and chose now, of all times, to surface.  I answered, “Because skinny people are loved.”
Yah, take that in for a minute.
Somewhere, I believe that the only way to be “loved” is to be skinny? The who and what now?
Christopher responded after seeing my completely confused expression with, “Looks like you have some thinking to do.”
Moving on.
To set the scene he explained, first, that I’d be wearing these light flasher glasses. They flash 12 times per second, which apparently is what active brain waves work at. Then I’d have on these noise cancelling head phones and all I’d hear was his voice. Asking if I was ready, I nodded. Christopher spent the next 30 minutes putting me into a hypnotic state.
I remember hearing the voice, the beeping noise and the light methodic music.  And I remember thinking this was comfortable and nice.  I remember breathing deeply on his command and I then I remember him saying he’s going to count to 5 and it was time for me to come back.
I had gone completely under.
Christopher gave me my personal recording and sent me on my way with instructions to listen to it at least 2 times a day, but to please don’t listen to it while you’re driving. Ahh, Ok. Got that.
The rest of the program works something like this. Imagine a month being 4 weeks. You are asked to commit to coming in weekly. The first week is a personal hypnosis session. Like what I did with Christopher. The second week is acceleration classes – basically two 30 minute hypnosis sessions and a 30 minute class (video or instructor led). Week 3 you have a coaching session with someone to help discuss your progress and ask any questions and you get a 30 minute hypnosis session on a topic of your choice (these are all professionally recorded sessions). Week 4 is like week 2.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

So here I am 4 weeks from that day and I’ve lost 9 lbs.
  • I have not had fast food in 4 weeks (typically I’d have it 2-3 times a week).
  • I have not had chips in 4 weeks.
  • I have cut the amount of sugar in my coffee in half.
  • I have yet to actually get to the gym (we’ll be working on this one).
  • I drink water like a crazy person.
Is it working? I would say so.
Do I think this is a magic pill? No. But I do fully believe that your subconscious mind plays a huge role with telling you stories. The conversation my subconscious was having with me was unhealthy and has kept me in a state of fatness.  Changing that voice is helping me.  Reprogramming all the negative to positive is really doing something to me, and I’m happy with the results.
I’ve paid for 9 months of this and can’t wait to see what happens.  I have no illusions that I will be a size 10 at the end of the 9 months. I do think I will be happier, a higher self-esteem will lose some weight.
I have my next personal hypnosis session coming up and I have a laundry list of things I’d like them to put into the sessions:

1.       More gym

2.       I want to stop thinking about food all the time

3.       I want to cut out more sugar

4.       I want to start working on the emotional reasons I eat
So we shall see. I’m excited to move forward with this chapter. The mind is an amazing thing. And tampering with mine will be an interesting adventure.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Half of my Heart's Got a Grip on the Situation's me. Don't act like you don't know me. ... Hey you! Yah you! Come back her and keep reading.

Sheesh...the things I do for fans.

Anywhoooo...the weekend before last was the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3 Day 60 Mile walk - what a mouth full.  We all know going into this that this weekend would be so emotionally charged that we'd likely be fried by the end. And we were right.

BigBro was missed dearly.  Yet, he was somehow there with us the entire time. f

First a shout out to The Wrack Pack for raising a whoppin' $16,416!!! That's amazingly good for a 3 person team. Way to go team! Their goal, albeit a late goal, was $20K, but hell what they did was fantastic.

Now, on to the weekend.

It started at Opening ceremony where a bunch of us surprised Seattle SIL by showing up in Team Ric shirts. The Niece had these specially made and kept it a secret from her mom.  The plan was for all of us to meet with the shirt on and when Seattle SIL showed up she'd be surprised.  There was some concern about just how this surprise was going to be taken from her, and I can say that she kept it together...mostly.

Seattle SIL and the Niece were both chosen to carry flags during the opening ceremonies. We nominated Seattle SIL to carry the MY HUSBAND flag because BigBro was such a HUGE part of the 3Day. We thought this would be an appropriate tribute to him and maybe a bit healing for the rest of us. Turns out it was a big ol cry fest.  And I mean ugly cry. The moment I saw Seattle SIL up on stage and knowing she'd be speaking...I lost it. I "heard" what she said, but I was too busy balling to really hear what she said.

I made the mistake of glancing back to a few friends who were standing with us, and realized when I saw all them crying that I probably should have just stared forward. Good grief.

It was clear that BigBro was truly loved by so many people. I can't even begin to express in words how much seeing people with these Team Ric shirts on meant to me. Each one showing their tribute to a man who personified the cause. Just beautiful.


Anyhow, we set the walkers loose and The Other Niece (hence forth known as Bob-Orissa) and I took off for coffee and some car decorating.

Sparky was the bell of the ball this year. Bob-Orissa was in charge of most of the decorations and she out did herself.


Day 1 was relatively uneventful. The walkers did well and we welcomed them home a bit later than normal.

Day 2 we dropped off the Niece to meet Blueberry and Seattle SIL at camp. Off they went. Meanwhile, Bob-Orissa and I went to find, you got it, coffee. Well I needed coffee. Bob-Orissa doesn't drink coffee which makes me wonder what's wrong with her.

As our day progressed, we picked up a hitchhiker who needed a ride. My pal H was hurting and after some serious discussion we finally got her in the car. So many of these walkers are soooo dedicated to NOT taking a ride. They feel they told their donors they were walking60 miles, and by God they're going to.  In some cases, like with H, we had to show her if she continued she may not get to walk Day 3.
Picking up my hitch hiker - H
Friend R met us on the route to cheer on the walkers!

Is that your shadow or are you just happy to see me?


Again, the walkers made it in - a bit later than usual. No biggy though. I went out and got KFC for the team since Day 2 food is questionable.

Day 3 we had to head across the lake to deposit the walkers at UW. The sun wasn't even up yet - and I don't think any of us were awake...still Bob-Orissa sent the walkers on their way. 

We found a spot at Gasworks Park for Spark and us to cheer. We may or may not have pulled up a pole to park Sparky here...I'm sure it's legal.

Day 3 has a BIG hill in it, so after getting cheering the team through Gasworks we took off to find this hill. We parked and met our team at a Grab n Go and then drove Sparky up and down this monster hill cheering on the walkers. It dawned on me that some walkers may not find our cheering as amusing as we do. I mean I'm yelling out, "You've got this." and "this hill is nothing to a 3 day walker" all the while DRIVING up the hill. Still I'm sure they appreciated the music to keep them going.

We parked ourselves up the hill and cheered the walkers there - giving them something to look forward to. At least that's what I tell myself.

And closing was, as always, emotional.  Cheering in these walkers who have just finished walking 60 miles...the look of pride and emotion coming out of them always gets me teared up.

Our walkers made it and looked just as proud as they do every year. I'm so proud of all of them for raising so much $$ and for really getting out there to spread the word about breast cancer.


The gaggle of women I adore at the 3day: Me, The Niece, Bob-Orissa, Blueberry, Princess Lori, Princess Carla and Seattle SIL

Closing ceremonies found me on the field. We may or may not have printed off another set of credentials so I could be on the field with Bob-Orissa. The Niece and Seattle SIL were, again, going to be flag bearers on stage. Seattle SIL was carrying the My Husband flag and the Niece joined her on stage.  I, and the other friends around me, we on the field sobbing. We missed BigBro though the entire event and this just really solidified it.


Such love and grief in this photo. Thanks Joan for taking it.

We salute the Survivors as they come in with a "Tennis Shoe Salute"

I know, right? TEARS!!!!

It should be mentioned too that BigBro was in the Remembrance Tent. I visit this tent every year and was not expecting to see this.

There's a white tent in the remembrance tent for people to sign. I signed for my BigBro

But he was truly loved by the 3Day community so I shouldn't have been surprised. 

So another 3day is over. Bob-Orissa and I have a list for next year and some ideas for decorations and cheering.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

In a blink of the eye...

Wah BAM...just like that 10 days has past since I last posted.  Golly...where have I been? And more importantly what else have I been doing? **rushes to find her calendar cuz she can't remember**


It appears that I've not been overly busy and thus have no reason for not blogging. Unless you figure doing things means blogging. But as we all know, I can make sh*t up for this blog.

Right, so the week following my last post was full of food. No big shock there, I mean I do socialize around food.

First I met my friend KA for breakfast. She had asked if I would take a head shot of her for her business. Of course I was happy to. And as is the case, when the subject is beautiful, the head shot is beautiful.  It was a blast getting caught up with her, as always.

Following that eating adventure, we had the September Dinner Club. Mr. Landlord was on point to pick the restaurant.  He picked Scotty Brown's in Bellevue. It's relatively new and I've gotta say, I wasn't overly impressed.

I was quite excited to taste their Orange Cosmo.  Turns out it tasted just like a Cosmo. I tasted no additional orange in it. It was still delicious, don't get me wrong, but I wouldn't classify it as "orange." 

I had their French dip Sammy and their twice cooked fries. They have some special name for them and when the waitress explained how they make them, I thought they sounded quite good. I would later determine that they were putting a whole lot of effort into making these fries that tasted like every other fry.

At any rate, the conversation was good and we did, as always, have a good time. SB's won't be getting my repeat business though...too many other restaurants to try.

It's my pick next month and my pick is taking us to Ballard - and if you're from Seattle you know that getting to Ballard on a week night is a bit of a struggle, so we're moving it to a Saturday.  And my pick? Oh I'm so glad you asked. I totally picked this restaurant because they have Muffaletta's on their menu.

So after dinner club last week I got a chance to have dinner with another friend to get caught up. R and I have had a heck of a time getting our schedules to sync. Finally we did and while sitting on the deck of The Beach CafĂ© we got all caught up.  I can't wait to get on her calendar again.

This past weekend came and went in a blur. I did almost nothing...and loved every single minute of it.  I like not over planning and it gave me a chance to get started on this month's book for book club.  It's another 400+ pager...we really need to stop picking such large books. 

This coming weekend is the 3Day. All week I will be prepping for the 3 long, glorious days.  The Niece and her wife come on Thursday and I need to get the house in order for them. It's going to be a tough 3 day without BigBro this year, and I'm sure we'll be filled with memories, good and bad, of him.  He lived and breathed the 3Day and all things breast cancer...he'll be with us I suppose.