Sunday, February 21, 2016

Everything is coming up roses...for a change.

As I sit and write out this blog several things have happened to make it possible.

1. We hired a new PM
I'm so excited. This gal that will be starting is so similar to me and my work ethic and background that it will either bug the shit out of me or make me very happy. When interviewing her, Queen ID and I just adored her. It was more like a chat than an interview. And to me that's a good sign. She starts March 7th and I cannot wait.

2. PM tool purchased
Yep that's right. On Thursday of last week the PM tool, Wrike, that I've been testing, testing, and testing finally got purchased. The roller coaster ride that I was on with this purchase is not one I want to repeat. It did, however, teach me a lot about a certain personality type and how I cannot seem to get along with them or even understand them..the type that cannot make a decision. I admire the person who was in the position of making this decision and do think he's quite smart, but good heavens to make a decision is painful for him. At last, he had an epiphany during a meeting and made the decision.  Now the real work begins. I'm so excited.

3. My Inbox is at zero.
And it's at zero because of the PM tool. I spent a good part of yesterday checking each of my projects and making a plan for each one of them. EVERYTHING is caught up. Now, tomorrow this will all be for naught since all the emails I sent out those people will be responding...

So yes, things are looking up for a change. I'm really excited for this next couple of weeks at work. I'm in the process of writing up Onboarding docs for the new PM and the deployment process for Wrike.

The rest of life is just casually going by. I want to get work in order so that I can get my life back in order. It's gonna happen. I swear it will.