Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The City of Brotherly Love - Day 1

So we made it to Philly!!! Didn't really see much as our flight got in around 4. We got to the hotel, dropped our bags and walked to dinner.

Recommended to us from friends and through guide books was the City Tavern. We figured it would be super cheesy and not great food. Turns out we were wrong. 

Its an old house that they've restored back to colonial days. The staff all dressed in era clothing, and the food is supposed to be from that era too.

Shocked to find that the food was out of this world. All of us had fantastic meals. Princess and I shared a turkey pot pie that was one of the best I've had. It was huge too. So glad we shared it.

Before the meal though, we had the sampler beer platter. Out of the 4 beers, I only liked the first two. The last two were too bitter for my taste.

Back to the hotel, which is in Penn's Landing and right on the Delaware river - and by "right" I mean across the street.

Tomorrow we're doing the hop on hop off bus and will spend the day being tourist. The weather is kinda gross and no forecast of sunny weather in the next several days. Its still 75 degrees and 86% humidity - blech. I don't do humidity well.

Saturday, September 12, 2015


That's the number of pounds lost. Yep. A whole 10. And let me tell you... I feel GREAT.

Tonight I went to the gym. I really, really, really didn't want to go to the gym. I tried to talk myself out it and somehow ended up there anyhow.

Then I figured I'd just do a 15 minute cardio. I did a program I've done many times before but only at about 70% of the effort. I never follow the program with regards to strides per minute, crossramp and resistance. Check that. I couldn't keep up with the program.

Tonight I kept up with the program and kept my heart rate reasonable. You can't see it, but I'm grinning like a doofus.

When that was done, I got off the elliptical and got some water. The next thing I knew I was doing another 15 minute cardio session. It felt great. I was so glad I went.

The gym has a challenge this month for an orange medallion. I want that medallion. It's 12 cardio and 12 strength. Tonight I finished the 12th cardio. I've got 3 strengths. I have a plan for getting the strength done. I'm going to get that darn medallion.

Recently I passed another milestone and got my orange lanyard. 50,000 points gets you the orange lanyard. Each cardio session is 500 points and each strength is about 1000 (depends on how good you are at keeping with the pace).

Last week I didn't lose a single, solitary pound. I was feeling a bit discourage today when I realized that I felt pretty good, regardless. I went to the gym 6 out of 7 nights last week. I ate relatively well last week - made a couple of meal decisions that I'm not guilty over, but weren't certainly on my plan.

All week I planned on having a cheeseburger today. I had that burger. And you know what? It made me a bit sick. It tasted just OK. Guess I don't need to have a burger for a bit.

All in all I'm feeling really good about how my life has changed. I like the cleaner eating but recognize that I will have days when I want something not so great for me. That's how life is.

Next week I plan on sticking to my plan 100%. I've got all the protein cooked and all the planned meals set. That's what makes me successful.