Saturday, November 26, 2016


Clearly I never finished my post about Savanna and Atlanta. Since it was over a month ago it seems not very important now.

So let's move on to Thanksgiving.

This week is always a difficult week since BigBro passed away three years ago. I still find there are days I'm in total denial. I miss him every day. The odd thing is, I may or may not have a melt down this week...instead I find I have little melt downs at the oddest times. In June, I was driving to work and thought about BigBro and had a melt down. June? weird.

At any rate, Thanksgiving will never be the same for us, but what will always be the same is family. Thanksgiving is about family and friends. That's exactly what I did this year.

This year's gang was some old faces and some "not seen in a while" faces.

This year the guests consisted of Seattle SIL, Niece 1, Niece 2, The Mom of Seattle SIL, The Landlords and The Landlord's sister and her wife. And of course the demons.

It was a nice gathering with people I really enjoy being around. Just looking at these photos make me smile.

And, of course, we ate. Oh boy did we eat. All my traditional food was out on display.

The evening started with clam dip. What Thanksgiving is a Thanksgiving without clam dip? I made two batches thinking I'd have some left over...and I didn't.

Dinner was turkey, dressing, broccoli casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy. Guests brought roasted veggies and desserts.

This year I didn't put much thought into what I was thankful for on the day of Thanksgiving. Today, however, I did some thinking. And the list is pretty fact, I was a bit surprised how long the list was. And that...that's what I'm mostly thankful for. That I have so much to be thankful for.