Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I have concussed myself

Yesterday I whacked my noggin on the corner of the counter top after picking up a piece of ice. Seriously? I can't make this stuff up.

After hitting said noggin; I stood momentarily blinded by pain and I swear I saw stars and tweeting birds circling above me. I managed to get to the dining room chair and put my head on the table, softly. I had to sit and take deep breaths. It hurt like a bitch.

I checked for blood. There was none. But man there's a goose egg taking up residency.

Then I channeled BigBro...I went on WebMD.

By the time I was finished I was sure they'd have to amputate  my right pinky toe and take out my gall bladder. 

In all seriousness, I don't appear to have a concussion, according to Dr. WebMD. I do, however, have one heckuva head ache.

It started just after the thumping on the counter...shocking I know. And kept up it's pace of pain for most the night. I turned in early and took TWO Tylenol PMs. 

This morning, every light, every sound, every thing hurt.  I managed to make it to work and with a little help from my caffeine and Tylenol cocktail I felt better. But as the day wore on the dull thud got increasingly worse.

I cancelled my evening plans and sat in a semi dark room trying to read. Which, admittedly isn't the best thing for a head ache. I tried watching TV and the sound hurt. I had to stay up long enough for SIL to drop something off and then it was off to bed.

But before I go to bed I had to share with the world that I am, in fact, still alive.  The whack of the noggin did not take me out...yet.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekly check in

Apparently I'm making this blog a weekly check in. I have such grand ideas to write during the week, and suddenly the week flashes by and I've written nothing. Well, written nothing for the blog.

This week, outside of work, has been all about research and planning for the up and coming Great Adventure of 2015. I'm now so prepared to be in Barcelona and living the life of a real Catalunyan.  Even though I'll have to speak Spanish with them, I'm hoping to fit right in.

Actually what I'm hoping is that I'll be able to keep up with Seattle SIL.  I've upped my work outs lately - suddenly realizing that the trip is a short 40 days away.

This last week I purchased all of our "excursions" in Barcelona. SIL and I had decided what we wanted to do and I went to work buying tickets.

Wanna see a list? You know you do...

First thing we'll be doing is eating. We get in to Barcelona around 9am. By the time we get out of the airport and to the hotel, it'll be lunch time. Might as well take full advantage of tasting the flavors of Barcelona.

After that, we'll be visiting La Sagrada Familia. The enormous gothic cathedral built, originally, by Gaudi. We have a tour arranged, but we plan on spending some time after that just checking out the church. And by "checking out" I mean doing some photography. 

I'm also thrilled that we'll get to go up in one of the towers. While not a fan of heights, I can't pass up the opportunity to do this. The elevator will take us up, and we have to take the stairs down.

Last year we didn't have enough time there, I thought. I figured I could have easily spend another hour or two there.

This year (wouldn't it be nice to make this a yearly trip) we have plenty of time. I'm also going to try to purchase tickets for us to go up in the towers.  WEEE...

The next thing on the list is the Hop On Hop off bus tour. I love these touristy little things. They get you to all the hot spots of the city and you get a chance in a very short time to see everything the city has deemed "important" and touristy.  We bought a two day pass so I'm not too worried about getting it all done in the short 4 days there.

Thursday SIL talked me into, it didn't take much, going to the Picasso museum.  She also wanted to see the Opera house and so I managed to find a tour of the Picasso museum AND the opera house. I did some research and realized that I wanted to see the opera house too. Who knew?  Again, more photography opportunities.

I'm not a huge art buff so wasn't looking forward to the Picasso museum. Then I started reading about Picasso. Turns out it might be interesting after all. I'll be broadening my horizons (and by that I don't mean my a$$ - though as much eating as SIL plans on doing, that might happen too).

Friday we'll be going to La Pedrera and Casa Batllo. I ... cannot...wait...

I wanted to check out these two houses last year, but again, no time. This year, I'll be snooping in drawers and peeking into closets. Well, maybe not. But I'll be checking out the amazing mind of Antonio Gaudi by seeing his houses. Oh and doing some photography of said houses.

The other things we'll be doing, but doesn't require a tour, is walking Las Ramblas - stopping at every tapas bar we can (see early note about broadening my a$$). We'll be doing the Rick Steves walking tour of the Barri Gothic - Gothic Quarter - which is going to be a highlight for me. And we'll be visiting the beaches.   I'm taking a little bit of dad with me and we'll be scattering some of his ashes into the water. Dad loved Spain and I think this will be a nice tribute for him.

And lastly, we'll be closing out our Barcelona trip with a Flamenco show. Not traditional to Catalunya, but to Spain.

Other things that happened this week...well book club of course.

Vines & Spines read The Night Circus this month - my pick. And generally everyone loved the book.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


Wow, last week flew by so fast I didn't even have time to blink and think about posting to the blog. I miss writing, whether you think I'm good at it or not is irrelevant. I miss writing.

This week was a blur of activity. Work has increased a lot. I'm still loving it and love everything about it. I like being busy. I'm not overwhelmed yet, but can see it within an arm's reach. Thankfully, I have a boss who'd understand - cuz his job is just as crazy. I like the test though. I like to test myself and see how far my stress level can be tested.

Aside from work, this week was a social flurry. Monday night was dinner club. It was my pick this month and picked the new steakhouse in Redmond called the Prime Steakhouse. 

It was good. Expensive - that's for sure. I'd have to say I have no need to go back there. If I wanted a good steak I'd fire up my own grill.

Wednesday night the girls all went to Cirque du Soleil to see Kurio.  It was fun, as always to be with the gals.  The show was fantastic...I've yet to see a Cirque that isn't. Kurio wasn't my favorite show, but it was good and spectacular - as usual.

Thursday was more working late and Friday was more working late. By the time Saturday came around I was ready to sleep in. Only the demons cats had other ideas. So I was up at the butt crack of dawn. 

Seattle SIL came over Saturday to do some pretty special things....WE CHECKED IN FOR OUR CRUISE.

That's right. In a short 49 days we'll be in Barcelona. I cannot wait. We've got our hotel booked, and have started talking about what we want to do in Barcelona.  SIL is going to make me go through an art museum - which may be good for my soul...we shall see. Admittedly, I wouldn't mind going through a Picasso museum or two.

So we're checked in. We've paid for our excursions. We've paid for our on boat daily fees. Everything is set. Now we wait.  I do think, though, that March 31 will be here before I know it.

Today I went with Blueberry to shop for cars. She was in a car accident a week or so ago and totaled the CRV.  Today wasn't nearly as bad of an experience as I thought it might be. She's done a good job at doing enough research to not seem lost.

That's all for now. Over an out.

Monday, February 09, 2015

Never on a Sunday, a Sunday, a Sunday...

I've not heard that song in a LONG time, and suddenly today it's stuck in my noggin'.

Yesterday was Sunday dinner. 

This happened...

... after we had dinner.  There must have been something odd in the Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole...besides AWESOME-SAUCE. 

We're trying to come up with some Sunday dinner themes.  Mr. Landlord asked if we can have a 50 Shades of Grey - ah no. The image of that with my friends just sorta made me lose my appetite.

Tonight Mr. and Mrs. Landlord, Blueberry and I did our dinner club thing tonight. It was my selection and I chose the Prime Steakhouse in Redmond.  It was delicious. Expensive! Very expensive, but delicious! I'm not sure I'd go again though. Mostly because if I want a good steak I BBQ it.

I had these meat skewers. 6 oz of New York and 6oz of Sirloin. The side was potatoes gratin. The sauce was a red wine beurre blanc or however you spell it. It was, in a word, delicious. I took the leftovers home and plan on having them for lunch tomorrow.

And that's been that for the last couple of days. What about you? What have you been up to?

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Happy Birthday Demons

So right...it's been a couple of days. And I know you're just dying to hear what I've been doing. Let's back up some ... shall we?

This last Saturday (Jan 31st) I drove BACK up North to see those darn snow geese. Suffice it to say, I'm not 100% convinced that these "snow geese" are a myth. I drove up and down the roads in the Skagit Valley and saw nothing. No snow geese. I saw seagulls. I saw trumpeter swans. I saw black birds. And I saw this little bird...

On the bright side, I did meet my good friends P & S from up North who have the beautiful golden retrievers for lunch in La Conner. I got up there a bit early and strolled the very empty street of La Conner.

Then Sunday...oh so sad Sunday. If you're not up in the world of sports, the Superbowl was Sunday. And our team the Seahawks, sadly, lost. Regardless, Seattle SIL, Blueberry and I had a fantastic time eating and cheering.

After we lost the Superbowl we all had to go back to work. Ugh. So sad, and such an unfortunate loss.

Tuesday, however, was a great day.  The demons kittens turned TWO.  They didn't seem at all thrilled with the party hats I bought them.

I can't believe it's been two years since these little kids were born and then started living with me. So many things that I didn't know about having two kittens.  But I'm so glad I have them...mostly.