Monday, June 23, 2014

Notes to Boys

Oh Lord, this book took me down some painful, but amusing memories.  If you want a good laugh, and you were once a teenage girl, I highly recommend this book.  It proves that no matter what age you are now, that at one time you were a teenage girl and boys were all you thought about.

Notes to Boys is by Pamela Ribon. She's a stand up comic - she says - and has authored a number of humorous books. I've got two more on my list to read by her and can't wait to get started on them.

This book is about Little Pam and her journals.  Pam grew up in a small town in Texas in the age BEFORE the Internet.  God how I remember those days..where passing notes was the only way to really, truly embarrass yourself (if I haven't shared the story of a kiss that happened with a boy I was in love with all because my best friend at the time shared a note I wrote to her with him! Oh I was embarrassed...but it was sooo worth it.)

Anyhow, this book is Bigger Pam sharing the notes from her younger self - Little Pam - that were wrote to boys when she was a teenage girl trying to figure out love through the eyes of a 15 year old.  Do you remember 15? The drama. The every day drama of whether a boy liked you or not. I cringed when I read some of her notes and giggled at the reality that I too probably passed notes like some of these to boys.

So the book is not a running list of her notes. She has a running commentary throughout that is what makes this book so funny.  You pick up on the older Pam's personality quite quickly and as she comments on Little Pam's notes you just find yourself laughing out loud.

This would be a great summer read and I'm sure you'll find yourself saying, "Oh god, I think I said that to a boy." Or "Oh God I wrote that to a boy."

And for the couldn't pay me enough to be 15 again.

I accidentally bought this book actually. I was searching for a book club book and didn't have the name right.  Instead of Boys in the Boat (a completely different style and story than this book) I ended up with Notes to Boys...and I'm glad I did.


Pamela Ribon said...

Me too! Thanks for the great review.