Sunday, June 25, 2017 was hard

Ireland was truly a blast. It was a whirlwind, too many things to remember, food eating, beer drinking, kind of vacation. Trying to remember everything we did is futile. Thank god I blog.

I've spent the week getting back into the swing of things at work. I got the best compliment from leadership last week. One of the directors said to me that I should feel proud of my team. It's a good leadership quality to have a team that works so efficiently WITHOUT the leader.

I can say, it is the first vacation I've gone on in a couple of years where I didn't feel guilty and I knew my team would have everything under control.

The week went by quickly and I think I'm finally got my act together at work.

Then on Friday I found out TWO of my PMs are moving on. One, internally, to another PM role in another line of business. And I'm so thrilled for him. He'll do a great job for that group.

The second announcement was a bit more shocking. One of my relatively new PMs has taken a role at another company. She wasn't looking and was head-hunted by a former boss.

So my work life balance is going to go back into crazy town. Oh goody.

The Demons were thrilled for me to be home. For at least 4 days they didn't leave my side. The two of them did everything they could to be on my lap or on me somehow. I think I was missed. I'm not sure why since they were being cared for by someone who spoils them more than me. Still I missed the little beasties too.

I've spent the week trying to get my photos organized, processed and posted. I took over 2700 photos. Once I went through all of them I kept about 1200...and of those, I'll probably only post about 300 give or take.

I did do pretty goo with my scavenger hunt too. I'll be posting those sometime this week.

So we're back to reality, whatever that reality is. Now I need to save $$ and vacation for our next big adventure...