Tuesday, January 07, 2014

A Few More Goals

I think you all are aware that I'm a big fan of organization. I figure I spend more time organizing and then reorganizing than I do actually doing anything. Case in point, my scrapbook room. Just when  I think I have it organized enough to actually work, I find something else to organize.  Rinse, lather, repeat.

Along with this organization quirk (I call it a quirk but I'm so glad I can and do organize) I tend to get rid of stuff in the house on a regular basis. 

And on top of that, as organized as I am, there are still things that don't have a place to live.

You won't be too overly surprised that I read a blog called Everyday Organizing. She just posted a blog post that I have to talk about and comment on because I'm going to revise a couple of goals and update a couple of items on my task list. I'm going to be opening hood on some habits that I'm not proud of here, but hopefully it'll help someone, anyone, with organizing and being an organized person.

First her blog post is about her 2014 goals. And I am going to adopt them to some extent.

Her first goal is to get rid of everything that doesn't belong in the house.  She calls herself an "over-purger" and I think I'm going to adopt that new nickname. I too tend to get rid of stuff really quickly and then at times need whatever it is I got rid of.  The majority of time though, the things I'm tossing on a regular basis I don't really ever miss.

I've slowly become somewhat of a minimalist - in every room by the scrapbook room apparently.  I work through rooms and start plucking stuff to "get rid of." The problem is, some of this stuff never makes it to the garage, then to the garage sale pile or the good will.  Upstairs in the "den" I have a pile of items that have been up there for over a year that needs to go down into the garage.  A YEAR.... It has everything to do with pure laziness and nothing to do with the organization bug.

So I'm adding this to my goals. Not only am I going to make sure nothing is in the house that should be, but I'm going the extra step and getting that stuff to the garage.  Some will go to the annual garage sale, some will just go to the goodwill. That extra step is critical to me.  I need to get it out of the garage too in order to consider it "out of the house."

Kristin's second goal is a place for everything and everything in its place. My problem with this is the kitchen counter.  That counter collects piles like nothing I've ever seen. And many times I just keep piling stuff and not putting it away. Then one day it bugs me enough to clean off the counter (usually the night before the cleaning lady comes).

I'm adding a task/goal to put things away within a day. And if there isn't a place for it, find one.

On top of all of this, I got a new notebook to start my 2014 notes, tasks, grocery lists etc. This book goes just about everywhere with me. I've not yet been able to get rid of the hard type of notebook and put all this stuff in my iPhone. I like having that book handy for whatever reason.

Anyhow, I started transferring the "Jenny Do List" and noticed that there are 4 items on this list that were put on the list in February 2013.  Are you kidding me? Tasks that are almost a year old and haven't been done? Ugh. They are easy tasks, but again, the lazy wins. This year I've added a column if you will to my task list that I do every month, I am adding a note as to when it was put on the list. I'm curious just how lazy I can be. I think I know, but now that I'm aware of this, I wonder if by putting the date when it was added will help trigger the "get it done".

So there you go, a peak under the hood of Chez Jenn's and how it is to live here.  What about you, do you have things on your task list that just don't get done? What stops you?

And have you done your goals yet?


Anandi Raman Creath said...

OK, I feel like I need to sit down and figure out my detailed goals!

I feel exactly the same way as you - I'm a minimalist everywhere except the craft room. Clutter and stuff that doesn't work for us makes me twitchy. I'm actually really good at getting it out of the house and so far haven't regretted anything!