Tuesday, December 31, 2013

So long 2013....hello 2014

Who's ready to say goodbye to 2013? This girl, that's who.
I've been working on my goals for 2014 and am ready to reveal them. The  new year always seems like a clean slate to me.  Starting fresh. All the old goals are out the door whether I completed them or not (I do know, but am not going to bother sharing at this point).  
Here's what I'll be working on in 2014!

Courtesy of eCoast
These are all things that help develop me as a person, enhance my already quirky personality, and/or are my every day activities that make up who I am.
1. Read a total of 50 books by Dec 31st
2. Read all 12 books in book club.
3. Include in the 50 books all those books taking up space on your night stand.
1. Write a minimum of 3 times a week. 
2. Focus your writing beyond just daily activates. Start writing thoughtful blogs that trigger emotions. Use the blog topics already collected.
Cultivate Relationships:
There any number of friends who live here in the Pacific NW - almost in my own backyard - that I want to work on seeing more than once a year.  I have a list.  You've been warned.
1. Reach out to friends you haven't seen in years
2. Work on how you deal and react to some folks.  Don't break any spirits this year.
This one is an every year goal.
1. Cease purchasing randomly.  Purchase only items that are specific and have a project.
2. Stay caught up. Scrap photos within the same quarter they are taken.
3. Work on getting heritage photos scrapped.
1. Up to 6 photo strolls with themes
2. Try to spell Wraspir in photos
3. Continue with Project365; scrap them as project life
The never ending finance goal. 
1. Do the 52 weeks of saving challenge (you basically put away in savings the amount of $$ that equals the number of the week. So for example, the first week I'll put away $1, the second week $2, the third week $3 and so on. And no this isn't the ONLY form of saving, but I thought it would be fun to do - and physically do it by putting it in my money jar.
2. Through March, track every single receipt. Keep all receipts and track what is purchased. Note anything that wasn't on the "list" when going shopping. This should help me understand where some of the money goes.  Sad that one can go into Walgreen's for a toothbrush and $60 later not know what you purchased.
3. Get 3 months of salary saved (this is in progress already - and will need true up once I find a job)
1. Work out 3X a week minimum.
2. Focus on good healthy food choices.
3. Lost 3-4 lbs a month
This is a new category this year. My PMP certification is up in August and I'm 15 credits away. 
1. Get 15 PDUs by August
2. Read 3 PM or career focused books

I have some other more personal goals that I'm electing to not share with you all...they are a bit too personal for this medium. What about you? Got any goals?


Anandi Raman Creath said...

I love this post. I need to actually set some concrete goals as well as my theme for the year. I have some for my business, but not the personal stuff.